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54W UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp for Gel Nail Polish

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Product description


Do you want to make your nails look extra sexy? Then a gel or shellac manicure is the perfect recommendation.


Maybe some of you have encountered the below experiences as below:


Lights with a short lifespan!!!

Not Curing the Resins or Gels dry completely!!!

Causing some pain!!!

Hot feeling like burning!!!

Too heavy for travelers!!!


Details and Spec:

BIR latest 54W UV LED nail lamp has all the solutions for the above pain points and quality issues. Below information may help you make an informed buying decision.


BIR Curing machine designed both for nail Professional and Personal home user for manicure and pedicure.


This curing lamp is compact and light, but a detachable bottom base makes it enough space for toes. And with the IR Auto Sensor function make it dry to use for a pedicure, just put the fee it and then turn on


54W and Equipped with 36 PCS Dual Lights Sources (UV Light and LED Light) which enable us to cure the resins and gel even faster and completely dry than our previous model 48W curing lamp.


UV light occurs in broadband between 100 and 400 nm and LED operate on a narrower band of 400-410 nm.so these dual lights can cure almost all the latest gels and resins on the market.


In considering various customers’ needs, low heat mode is available also which also called Pain Free Mode. Besides this, there are other Timer Setting and Auto Mode is available for first-time users, all that we want to do is just to make it Safe, Simple and Easy to use our UV Nail Polish Light.


Free Gel Nail Remover is also included in this Shellac nail dryer kit which was used to Clip the cotton or tissue attached to the fingers when you want to take away the gels off. (P.S: It can apply to toenails also since we make bigger size)


If you want the UV gloves also, pls look for our other Kit that including the Gloves and Removers refer another item in our store which brings you a Big Saving also.