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3D Clip-In Bangs Hair Extensions

Stretched Length



Product description

Try Bang Hairstyle Without Salon Visit

Do you sometimes wish to have the power to test-drive the hard-to-grow out bangs without ever picking up the shears? Well, you certainly can with the Clip-In Bangs Hair Extension!


This is definitely a good way to switch things up, providing you with a quick hair transformation without the long-term commitment of a permanent chop. It adds spice to any hairstyle and works on almost any face shape.



ADD MORE STYLE TO YOUR LOOK: The perfect way to add bangs to your hairstyle without permanently cutting your hair

INSTANT HAIR TRANSFORMATION: This is a great solution to test drive bangs or just to change up your daily style

LOOK & FEEL GORGEOUS: The hair temples on both sides can correct different facial contours and make you look more attractive

CONVENIENT: Easy to operate, lightweight, and non-damaging to hair or scalp

NATURAL-LOOKING: The heat-resistant material looks and feels like real hair and can be styled with ease

VERSATILE: Suitable for any face shape and hair texture

CLIP-ON DESIGN: This one-piece hair extension is very easy to wear; you can hide the edge of the bangs in your hair after wearing it for a more realistic effect

SECURE HOLD: The clips have a strong grip and can easily be snapped down after you properly position it


How to Use:

Use a comb to part your hair down the center

Place the bangs near the crown of your head, about one inch back from your hairline is a good spot to place the bangs

Clip-in the bangs

Cover the clips with your hair

Cut the bangs if the bangs are a little bit longer than desired

Run through your fingers or a comb will make the bangs more natural