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Car Air Pump

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Punctured tire? There are no repair stations nearby. If continues to drive may accentuate the danger and make it too big! Car Air Pump, this is probably the best-aerated mercury available. The product is equipped with 3 accessory airbags, which can be used for bicycles and motorcycles in addition to cars. All kinds of ball, canoeing, inflatable sofa, etc.


SLOT TRACHEA COLLECTION: Unique slot trachea placement design, simple and convenient, not only can play the role of easy collection, not messy but also can effectively protect the trachea.

EMBEDDED COLLECTION: Wire, air nozzle is embedded collection, fast and convenient, not messy, not easy to lose the air nozzle, each design is considered by the user.

VISIBLE TIRE BAROMETER: With a high precision tire barometer, you can control the tire pressure at the same time as inflation.

COMPACT SHAPE: Easy to carry, unique tire design.



Main material: Environment-friendly non-toxic plastic.

Power cord length: 2.4m.

Size: 17.5x17.5x6.5cm.

Rated voltage: DC12V.

Color: Black&Red.

Weight: 600g.