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Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

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  • Make one of our best sellers your best defense against skin cancer!
  • The  Inverted Umbrella for Car and Outdoor Use, UPF 50+ Big Stick Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle can protect you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays with 50+ UPF.
  • Your inverted umbrella is crucial to fight skin disease. Our quality UV Protection Umbrella provides the highest UV protection and quality of any UV protection umbrella on the market. With a 50+ UPF (Ultra Protection Factor) rating, these umbrellas block 99% of the sun's harmful UV Rays (A, B, C).
  • These sun umbrellas are made of a specially treated Solarteck fabric which reflects most of the UV rays while keeping you up to 15 degrees cooler in the strongest sunlight.
  •  Our quality UV Protection Umbrella provides the highest UV protection, keeping you cooler in the strongest sunlight.
  • The inverted design gives you the ability to close from the inside-out when you open the door or access the lobby room or car without dripping water after heavy rain.
  • The comfort grip C-Shaped handle allows you to slide over your forearm or wrist so you can attend what is more important.
  • All kinds of patterns you can choose, a beautiful umbrella makes you feel good on rainy days.
  • Suitable for various occasions like travel, golf, go fishing, it will keep you dry and clean.


  • Size: One Size
  • Type: Umbrellas
  • Material: 190T Nylon Fabric
  • Panel Material: Pongee
  • Control: Non-automatic Umbrella
  • Function: Rolling Over
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Pattern: Long-handle Umbrella
  • Features 1: Reverse umbrella
  • Features 2: Windproof umbrella
  • Features 3: C-Hook umbrella
  • Features 4: Long Shank umbrella
  • Features 5: Inverted umbrella
  • Features 6: Double Layer umbrella
  • Features 7: Creative umbrella
  • Features 8: Self Stand Rain Protection Umbrella
  • Features 9: sunny and rainy Reverse umbrella