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Neoprene Sweat Sauna Body Shapers Fitness Stretch Control Panties


  • Material composition: 70% nylon and 30% spandex
  • Main functions: abdomen retraction, butt lifting (shaping hip curve), leg support
  • Pressure rating: medium shaping
  • Color: dark grey
  • Size: S,M,L,XL

Product selling points:

  •  Fabric patent - E-Fretch Technology - high rebound fabric, open the era of no size.
  • 360 ° drawing has no dead angle, the elongation reaches more than 300% in the vertical and horizontal directions, the recovery rate reaches 91% in the vertical and horizontal directions, and the recovery is very fast.


  • Seamless 3D printing technology; perfect size free full-body fit; good ductility, high rebound, free expansion; comfortable, free and unrestricted wearing experience, feel like a second skin; zero compression, light care. "
  •  Adhesive film technology - patented technology - honeycomb film 360 ° circular abdomen; comfortable and breathable.

*3D Design
①This is a patent of inventory, originally from Germany and patents filed globally.
②Based on patent innovative process and specific materials printing onto textiles with a 3D embossing effect, the technology changes the properties of the textile and creates unique garments with higher comfort as well as additional features and attractive designs.

①Seamless, smooth comfort (replacing sewing, elastic or bonding tape);
②Perfect stretch and recovery;
③Secure bonding, no delamination;
④3D effect sculpting;
⑤Free design;
⑥Various functionalities: compression, shaping, controlling, supporting.

Everyday underwears, Shapewears, Functional sport underwears, Intelligent sportswear, Surgical orthopedic devices

1. Office
2. Family
3. Gym
4. Sleep

Product list: leggings, card, bag

Washing and protection instructions:
1. Do not machine wash.
2. Dry by airing.
3. Do not iron.